Day 17 – As Luck Would Have It – Trifecta

Y’all.  St. Patty’s day got me.  And Spring Break.  And March Madness.  If only writing were like beer, I’d have no problem staying on task!

The kiddos were with their dad for their week, so momma enjoyed the simple life for a few days.  Watching the first round of the tournament with the boyfriend with a beverage ON St. Patty’s day.  Can’t get much better.  Then, a nap IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY.  We don’t always get these opportunities.  The elusive trifecta (St. Patty’s day, Spring Break, the bball tourney) doesn’t always fall where I want it.  Even the weather mostly cooperated.

So now I’m playing catch up on my slices.  I know you’ll forgive me.

My bracket is dead.  But, man.  This has been a crazy tournament.  I just love the potential for an upset.  How awesome is it that any team can go in and take it?  Makes me think about our schools.  What if we taught like it was our last shot and gave it everything we had?  What if we thought all the kids had the potential to be stars?  What if we never gave up?  What if we took advantage of the seconds?  The milliseconds?  What if every teacher came to school with a theme song playing during her entrance?  What if the missed attempts at school were coached and not marked as failure?

Put me in, coach!  I’m ready!


Beach Ready

Well.  It’s time to start training.

I’m not quite sure how it happened, but I got roped in to swimming a mile in a tri relay by my boyfriend’s super sweet momma.  In a month and a half.

No big thing.  I swam in high school.  But, that knee surgery a month and a half ago.  It will be good for my knee to swim though, right?!?! RIGHT??!!

Oh, did I mention that the lake we swim in has alligators?  Yes.  The swimming I can handle.  Alligators and snakes.  Ain’t happenin’.

I guess this is one way to get beach ready.



Without having to worry about a 5 am wake up call this morning, we enjoyed a Sunday afternoon in town and ended at our favorite sushi place.  If you’re in the Houston area, please go to Kata Robata.  I mean don’t.  You’ll hate it.  I mean, it’s really awful.

In between bites of the Texas Hamachi roll, I kept pondering our waiter.  I knew him from somewhere, but couldn’t place him.  I forgot about it for a while.  The sushi can have that affect.  It’s that good.

After devouring our Tropical Tuna, the boyfriend says, “it’s kind of like we’re on a desert island since our waiter looks just like that one guy on Lost”.

Sadly, all the hours of Lost watching makes me feel like I KNOW the characters.  Then I was mad that he made the connection first.

Even more unfortunate is that it wasn’t Sawyer.

Costs of Good Weather

In a rare stroke of Texas weather luck, it’s GORGEOUS outside.  Seriously, y’all, I’m so grateful.  The back door was open, birds were chirping, and fire pit contemplation was occurring.  I decided that the only thing that would make this moment better was a beverage.  I grabbed one and joined the boyfriend back outside.  Closing the door behind me.  And that is when my luck ended.  The next three minutes were blissful until I decided the other only thing that would make this better was That Green Sauce (if you live anywhere near an HEB and haven’t tried this…what is wrong with you?) and some chips.  I grab the handle of the back door and NADA.  It does NOT move.

Due to my slightly irrational fear of potential chainsaw murderers, EVERY single window is locked tight.  The front door is locked.  The car is locked.  The back door is still locked.  In true enjoying the moment spirit, my phone was inside.  Along with shoes and appropriate clothing.

I’m in a 21st century dilemma.  No phone and no technology.  I’m going to have to solve my own problems.  So I old schooled it.  I still remember those days, you know.  One time I got a flat tire on my way back to school in Austin and I didn’t have a cell phone and had to change that thing myself.  I went next door. Barefoot.  And asked to borrow her phone. Her cell phone.

Fifteen minutes later roadside assistance opened my car and I kissed my garage door opener.

Of course the kids were not present to witness my stellar problem solving skills.

I’ll just have to tell them the story of how their mom got trapped outside in a thunderstorm and had to swim through the back yard to get to the neighbors all while fighting wild boars with just a small stick and finally making it the two miles to the nearest neighbor all uphill to use the phone.  I’ll tell them that.

Number Game

17 – bags of leaves I cleaned from the front yard (I adore my trees, but geez, give a girl a break)

2 – gutters I cleaned (see aforementioned leaves

6 – hours I spent outside working on the yard (thank you March, thank you Spring Break, thank you good weather)

3 – branches I trimmed off of one tree

9 – elephant ears I cut

1 – snake I found under a rock (some might say they heard a little scream)

22 – minutes I’ve spent icing my knee (stupid surgery)

Cause and Effecting

5 year old – “He’s looking at me.  Mo-om.  Tell him to stop.”

9 year old – “He’s lying.  I’m not looking at him.  I’m looking out his window.”

Me – (to 5 year old) “It’s fine.  Don’t look at him looking at you.  Why don’t you look at your breakfast?”

Me – (to 9 year old) “Could you maybe look at your window and stop looking in the direction of your brother?  You’re only going to be in the car together for a few more minutes.”

9 year old – “Fine.  Whatever.” Eye roll.  (I can sense that crap.)

It’s not EVEN SEVEN A.M.  I am Sisyphus.  They irritate each other.  I referee.  They irritate me.  Eye roll. Smirk.  They irritate each other.  I referee.  They irritate me.  Eye roll.  Smirk. You get the picture.  I know this isn’t what I should be doing, but dammit.  It’s not even 7 and I haven’t finished a cup of coffee.  And it’s still dark.  And, I just can’t even.

Today was IC Friday and one of the ICs was talking about a strategy her daughter learned while student teaching.  Solve the problem.  Ignore the behavior.

What?  This is brilliant.  I’ve been trying to solve their problems.  I’ve been cause/effecting mothering.  I just came up with that concept.  They are tattling, getting on each other’s nerves, and just arguing.  Guess who’s supplying the effect.  Yours truly.

Enter momma, the teacher.

After Spring Break…(eye roll)