The Story in My Head

Confessions.  There are dirty clothes in a pile in the living room. We are eating frozen pizza for dinner.  A bag of Target crap hasn’t been unloaded.  School work hasn’t been looked at.  Most hideous of all – my walls are bare.  I’ve lived in this house for six months and the walls are still bare.

It won’t look exactly how I want, so I can’t even start.  Can’t. Even. Start. I won’t have people over because it’s not perfect.  This is the story in my head;  those are not the facts.

After some therapy professional development the past week, I am scraped bare.  I’ve been in a fantasy land and I just took the blue pill (or is it the red one).  I have been living in my own personal story land.  Now it’s real.  Really real.

It makes me wonder what I have created and what has actually happened.  What of my life is ‘true’?  Crucial Conversations – huge.  Mind blowing.

I know this much is true…

It’s time to rewrite my story.



4 thoughts on “The Story in My Head

  1. I can relate! I’ve lived in my house for 15 year and I still don’t have “window” treatments in my living room. I’ve decided I must like it that way. Love the raw look into real life….Happy Slicing!

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