Well, Clearly I’m a Genius

  1. I am curious about everything.  Mostly curious lately about how it’s possible for my nine year old’s feet to smell so bad.  So bad that I put the hamper in the garage AND could STILL smell them.  Then I discovered that he somehow sneaks dirty socks from said hamper and wears them AGAIN.  How am I just now figuring that out?
  2. I talk to myself.  No comment (well, a little one), but this might have been a trigger to a few fights with the boyfriend.  I might have been known to have an entire conversation in my head and then say the closing remark aloud.  Why can’t you read my mind?  Really.
  3. I read constantly.  Please.  Obviously.
  4. I enjoy challenging my own intellect.  And, the intellect of everyone else.
  5. I am forgetful.  Wait, what?
  6. I have a checkered past.  I’m NOT speaking of the cookie butter incident.
  7. I  worry and overthink things.  I’m not sure I like this theme.  Maybe the list should be bulleted instead of numbered.  They will hate this.  It will not be funny.  It will just be stupid.  Is this really a slice?  It was this or March in Texas.  People hate Texas, but I don’t think they know about March.  Maybe I should have written about March.  In Texas.  Seriously.  It was 85 today.  EIGHTY-FIVE!

If You Do Any Of These 7 Things, You Might Naturally Be A Genius



7 thoughts on “Well, Clearly I’m a Genius

  1. Ha-ha I think we’d get a long well. Don’t most biographies of the world changers that have existed start with them challenging everything around them?!


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