A Desert Island





Well, I finished Lost and I’m pissed.  I get it.  But I’m still mad.  Those people were my friends.  And they all just died.  That’s it.

I have respect for the evil geniuses that wrote the show.  How do you knowingly string people along for years?  They knew.  They knew it all.

It makes me think.  What is my end game?  What am I doing?  Where am I going?  I mean, I just gave up a year of my life to Lost.  What next?  The uncertainty is paralyzing.  Can I give myself to another show?  I am still broken.  Who can live up to Sawyer?  And Jack?

I guess it’s a sign.  My indecisiveness must mean that I need to step it up and clean out the garage.  Maybe hang some stuff in the house.  Clean a bathroom or two.

Hey, is that Walking Dead?



5 thoughts on “A Desert Island

  1. I’m laughing…again! Thanks for adding some humor to my busy day. I’ve been binge-watching Bones lately. Netflix has 10 seasons with 22 (22!) episode each. It’s quite a commitment…


  2. So funny! Maybe the spring air will inspire you to move winter boots to a new location – tee hee! Have a great rest of the day and hoping for a peaceful week ahead 🙂


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