The Laziness Effect

Well.  Those of you that are keeping up with my escapades (you must be really bored) know that a massive myrtle trimming took place yesterday.  Unfortunately, there is a small forest of lopped, sad branches in various positions in the back yard.  Someone (ahem, not me) needs to take care of that.

Option 1  – Cut them into manageable pieces and put them out for trash.  That’s a lot of work for boyfriend someone.  I foresee a lot of minor scratch injuries.  Boo.

Option 2 – Tie them up and take them to boyfriend’s parents.  Still requires moving and cutting and general work.  And driving.  And unloading.

Option 3 – (This one is brilliant – pick it, pick it, pick it!) Build a fire pit over Spring Break!  Doesn’t that sound like a fun project?!  A text today to boyfriend – “it can’t be that hard, right?”.  His response – “we just need some rocks”.  He might not yet understand the Pinterest planning that will take place.

Who’s excited for projects??  Raising hand! Who’s excited for creating a new Pinterest board?!

When our ‘freak’ it’s April crazy Canadian cold front makes its way to Houston, I’ll be burning myrtle in my new fire pit.  I call that winning.




2 thoughts on “The Laziness Effect

  1. Ha! I love this piece because you’ve taken something that seems so plain and mundane and boring and turned it into a funny piece with so much of your thoughts & voice. I feel like I learned so much about you in a piece about taking out the yardwaste!


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