Transformation Tuesday

There’s a whole lotta change going on in my world, especially in the work world.  I’m in my fourth year as an instructional coach and wow, things are evolving.  I think back to who I was a few years ago and I am amazed by some of the transformations – my thinking, my beliefs, what I know to be true…

Shocker, but my focus this year is on actually coaching my teachers a considerable amount of time.  That’s not to say I’m the expert, but rather experiencing what they are experiencing and rolling with it.

My boyfriend is a high school coach = gone a lot  busy.  Many times when I see him, it’s on the field/court.  One game I had a revelation.  He gives feedback to kids immediately.  He encourages them.  He is their advocate.  He is right there with them.  He takes the plan and modifies based on his current situation.  I might have been told a few times that I overthink (see the genius post) things…so obviously this made me think of my job.

His instant feedback CHANGES his players’ actions.  RIGHT THEN.  Why am I not coaching teachers like players?  They are playing the most important game ever.

I’ve been reading up on the Hattie factors and BAM.  IT ALL GOES TOGETHER!  ALL THE THINGS.  I felt like the crazy holograph picture just 3Ded and materialized.

Coaches can help us coach.



4 thoughts on “Transformation Tuesday

  1. I thought I left a comment on this yesterday!! Hmmm. Let me repeat – I think it is so fun that you learned more about coaching from your coach boyfriend. And I wonder, do sports coaches just give positive feedback or almost specific instructions in the moment? I know the beginning teacher I am coaching right now really really really hates my “I need you to…” or “how about you…” comments on the fly, and I have had to learn with her to just say compliments in the moment and save the negative for conversations. Just wondering.


  2. Love your reflections from seeing your boyfriend coach. I am thinking how great positive comments are in the moment. Negative insights – probably should be saved for later! Thanks for sharing.


  3. We all deserve a good coach. However, I think sometimes that instructional coaches should not always be too quick to offer feedback to teachers as a sports coach does. I found during my years as a literacy coach that it was more powerful to be a listener and let the teacher talk while I asked questions. There was nothing I loved more than when the teacher ended up coaching herself, finding answers through her own talk. All I had to do was listen. Our goal is to help teachers do that and to work our way out of a job, right??? :-))) Loved your post – so reflective!


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