The Devil’s in the Big Colored Index Cards

Designer shoes?  No.  Purses?  No.  Target?  No.  (Well, a little maybe).  Make-up?  No.

Office supplies are my kryptonite.  My budget literally (figuratively) screams when I go into the Office spots.  The folders, sticky notes, index cards, colored index cards, sticky note index cards, planners, pencil sharpeners, paper stacky things, and PENS.  Oh mylanta.  The PENS.  I have different pens for different purposes.  Yes, pens to write on sticky notes, pens to write in my planner, pens to write checks (who writes checks?).

I had a list.  I was prepared.  I mapped out the aisles in my head.  I picked up the plastic sleeves, printer cartridges, and stapler.  WAIT.  Look at these micro SD cards.  I need one!  Oh no, that one isn’t on sale.  The planners – I mean I should start looking because, you know, I’ll need a new one soon.  June is a minute away!

My phone buzzed.  “Where are you?”  Uh-oh.  The time/space continuum operates on a different level in here.  Don’t people understand that?

I took my THREE things and checked out.  I smugly smirked walking out of the store.  I faced the demon and sucker punched him.

On the way home, my oldest discussed a book idea he is working on.  The steering wheel jerked a little to the left.  Even the car knows what to do.  Those big colored index cards would be perfect to uses for scenes.  What about a bulletin board to map out the cards?  Oh, and those retro looking pushpins would help him write so much better.

“Mom, Mooooommm, MOM!  You’re mumbling about index cards…”

“I know.  I know.  Tell me about your story.”



10 thoughts on “The Devil’s in the Big Colored Index Cards

  1. hello, my name is Sonja and I am an addict. I cannot go into any office supply store without making a purchase or eight. I LOVE office supplies!


  2. My Achilles’ heel too! For a while I had about 100 pens that I had accumulated and would still cruise the pen aisle like I needed more. I have to steel myself against other purchases during my trip in mid-April to print out a poster!


  3. Your slice is hilarious! I LOVE office supplies too.. but probably not as much as you 🙂 I love how your first thought about your son’s idea went right to office supplies!!


  4. Yes yes yes! Spot on. What is it about school supplies? Why do I need the star shaped paper clips in rainbow colors? I have no idea, but I’m not leaving without them, that’s for sure.

    The time/space continuum operates on a different level in here. This is great!


  5. Oh my gosh, I LOVE this! It was so entertaining and totally relatable! When my Office Depot boxes get delivered to my classroom, I basically stop whatever I’m doing and act as though Santa just waltzed in with my presents. My students just stare. Yay for office supplies!


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