Cause and Effecting

5 year old – “He’s looking at me.  Mo-om.  Tell him to stop.”

9 year old – “He’s lying.  I’m not looking at him.  I’m looking out his window.”

Me – (to 5 year old) “It’s fine.  Don’t look at him looking at you.  Why don’t you look at your breakfast?”

Me – (to 9 year old) “Could you maybe look at your window and stop looking in the direction of your brother?  You’re only going to be in the car together for a few more minutes.”

9 year old – “Fine.  Whatever.” Eye roll.  (I can sense that crap.)

It’s not EVEN SEVEN A.M.  I am Sisyphus.  They irritate each other.  I referee.  They irritate me.  Eye roll. Smirk.  They irritate each other.  I referee.  They irritate me.  Eye roll.  Smirk. You get the picture.  I know this isn’t what I should be doing, but dammit.  It’s not even 7 and I haven’t finished a cup of coffee.  And it’s still dark.  And, I just can’t even.

Today was IC Friday and one of the ICs was talking about a strategy her daughter learned while student teaching.  Solve the problem.  Ignore the behavior.

What?  This is brilliant.  I’ve been trying to solve their problems.  I’ve been cause/effecting mothering.  I just came up with that concept.  They are tattling, getting on each other’s nerves, and just arguing.  Guess who’s supplying the effect.  Yours truly.

Enter momma, the teacher.

After Spring Break…(eye roll)


7 thoughts on “Cause and Effecting

  1. I just went back in time with the chilling words “I’m looking out his window.” Love the clarity of solve the problem, ignore the behavior…but this is much easier with our students than with our own children.


  2. Umm, have you been writing about my 15 y/o and 17 y/o daughters?? The youngest is a very huggy, touchy girl and my oldest, not so much. Goodness, we are solving problems all the time!! 🙂 Thank you for sharing your slice that hits a little close to home.


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