a clear, light green with a yellowish tinge

It’s everywhere.  And I am so grateful.  I’ll even allow the hellish storms and rain that pounded us.  Why is it that the most horrendous sounding thunder claps occur at 2am?  I woke up dazed and wondered if little alien bodies were being delivered into the ground.

I’ll even drive on 290…in rush hour…during a a torrential downpour (Houston, I know y’all feel me) if it means that I get chartreuse.

February is the doldrums.  It’s nothing.  It’s dreary.  It’s monotonous.  I check off time in February because I know that the gray slowly metamorphoses into chartreuse.

Chartreuse means Spring Break, warm weather, shorts, longer days, and uplifted moods.

Chartreuse is the promise of March, April, and May.  Chartreuse helps us tolerate August.


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