Costs of Good Weather

In a rare stroke of Texas weather luck, it’s GORGEOUS outside.  Seriously, y’all, I’m so grateful.  The back door was open, birds were chirping, and fire pit contemplation was occurring.  I decided that the only thing that would make this moment better was a beverage.  I grabbed one and joined the boyfriend back outside.  Closing the door behind me.  And that is when my luck ended.  The next three minutes were blissful until I decided the other only thing that would make this better was That Green Sauce (if you live anywhere near an HEB and haven’t tried this…what is wrong with you?) and some chips.  I grab the handle of the back door and NADA.  It does NOT move.

Due to my slightly irrational fear of potential chainsaw murderers, EVERY single window is locked tight.  The front door is locked.  The car is locked.  The back door is still locked.  In true enjoying the moment spirit, my phone was inside.  Along with shoes and appropriate clothing.

I’m in a 21st century dilemma.  No phone and no technology.  I’m going to have to solve my own problems.  So I old schooled it.  I still remember those days, you know.  One time I got a flat tire on my way back to school in Austin and I didn’t have a cell phone and had to change that thing myself.  I went next door. Barefoot.  And asked to borrow her phone. Her cell phone.

Fifteen minutes later roadside assistance opened my car and I kissed my garage door opener.

Of course the kids were not present to witness my stellar problem solving skills.

I’ll just have to tell them the story of how their mom got trapped outside in a thunderstorm and had to swim through the back yard to get to the neighbors all while fighting wild boars with just a small stick and finally making it the two miles to the nearest neighbor all uphill to use the phone.  I’ll tell them that.


3 thoughts on “Costs of Good Weather

  1. Oh, how quickly we have come to rely on these devices! I remember having a car problem. I was pregnant and trekking down the Interstate to the gas station with two children. Some nice man took pity on me and insisted on driving us to the gas station. Good on you for figuring out a way in!


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