Beach Ready

Well.  It’s time to start training.

I’m not quite sure how it happened, but I got roped in to swimming a mile in a tri relay by my boyfriend’s super sweet momma.  In a month and a half.

No big thing.  I swam in high school.  But, that knee surgery a month and a half ago.  It will be good for my knee to swim though, right?!?! RIGHT??!!

Oh, did I mention that the lake we swim in has alligators?  Yes.  The swimming I can handle.  Alligators and snakes.  Ain’t happenin’.

I guess this is one way to get beach ready.



3 thoughts on “Beach Ready

  1. ALLIGATORS????? Is she trying to tell you something? Just kidding, good luck with your swim and it will be good for the knee. Getting back into the saddle after a serious injury is hard to do and it can come with nervousness. Then you will swim that mile and get up the next day and say, I love this.


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