Day 17 – As Luck Would Have It – Trifecta

Y’all.  St. Patty’s day got me.  And Spring Break.  And March Madness.  If only writing were like beer, I’d have no problem staying on task!

The kiddos were with their dad for their week, so momma enjoyed the simple life for a few days.  Watching the first round of the tournament with the boyfriend with a beverage ON St. Patty’s day.  Can’t get much better.  Then, a nap IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY.  We don’t always get these opportunities.  The elusive trifecta (St. Patty’s day, Spring Break, the bball tourney) doesn’t always fall where I want it.  Even the weather mostly cooperated.

So now I’m playing catch up on my slices.  I know you’ll forgive me.

My bracket is dead.  But, man.  This has been a crazy tournament.  I just love the potential for an upset.  How awesome is it that any team can go in and take it?  Makes me think about our schools.  What if we taught like it was our last shot and gave it everything we had?  What if we thought all the kids had the potential to be stars?  What if we never gave up?  What if we took advantage of the seconds?  The milliseconds?  What if every teacher came to school with a theme song playing during her entrance?  What if the missed attempts at school were coached and not marked as failure?

Put me in, coach!  I’m ready!


3 thoughts on “Day 17 – As Luck Would Have It – Trifecta

  1. YES! What if?!?!? I have these same wonders. I love the comparison to sports – it makes all the sense in the world. Please come back to writing. You have such important things to say!


  2. I love your comparison to the tournament games to schools. You have posed some important questions worth thinking about. Hang in there with the slicing. I have been behind in my reading of slices, but we just have to keep going.


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