Curbside Pickup

Baseball is in full swing.  That means two boys have practices.  Two boys have practices on the same day.  At different locations.  Twice a week.  Or they both have practice on a Sunday back to back, so that a tired mom is sitting at baseball practice for four hours. She cannot even FATHOM cooking, so a trip to the grocery store would equate to torture. Literally.  People.  She just can’t take it.  So, instead of thinking about any of those things, she scrolls Facebook and it was serendipity (isn’t that word just fun??  and don’t get me/her started on the movie) because the first picture was of her bestie at the curbside pickup on OPENING DAY of curbside pickup and the mom was ELATED!  Somehow between all the baseball she missed that memo.

She logged on to the site, loaded up her ‘cart’, and picked a time for delivery.  After all the practices, the mom pulled into a spot, texted the number, and the nice people brought her groceries out (after they brought cookies because they needed to get a few more items!).  THEY BROUGHT THEM OUT.  The mom didn’t even have to get out of the car!

She felt victorious and happily let the kids eat cookies in the car and smiled despite all the crumbs.


3 thoughts on “Curbside Pickup

  1. As a mom of a 5 and 3 year old, this is a potential glimpse into my future. Congrats on getting practice in, getting groceries bought, and getting time with your boys! Time is too quick and those crumbs will someday be missed 😉


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