Employees Only

We had a few hours to kill before the grocery curb side pick up, so clearly that’s a perfectly good reason to check out a new bar.  Like really, really new.  The taps weren’t working yet, there were workers working on things, the brunch menu wasn’t ‘ready’.  Despite those issues, the available food and drinks were on point.

Smugly (some other schmuck was pushing a cart through the grocery store at this very minute getting MY groceries), I ordered another beverage and lazily dipped another fry in ketchup and the urge hit.

At the back of the bar is a beautiful red, sliding barn door.  Well, that must be where the bathrooms are, right??  I head back there and discover multiple doors that all say “Employees only” amidst several cases of alcohol.  Since I”m not very shy, I push one of the doors open and discover a BATHROOM!  Never mind that the toilet paper won’t fit on the rolls.  Never mind that the toilet seat is up.  Never mind that the sink is dirty.  Never mind that there isn’t a trash can.

Exiting the bathroom (employees only) I run into a worker who gives me a very strange look.  Back through the barn door, I sit at the bar.  The worker slides the barn door closed and I see him laughing hysterically.  Puzzled, I look around.

Just to the left of the barn door I see a sign for the restrooms.



4 thoughts on “Employees Only

  1. First, if there’s time and a new bar available, why not?? 🙂

    Second, as a bartender, if I had a nickel for every time I heard “where’s the bathroom??” 🙂

    Third, I can imagine that look that the worker gave you on the way back, and the laughter that ensued!

    And finally, what a great story! Thanks for sharing with us today!


  2. My father always commented that the bathroom is a window to the kitchen and whether one should eat in the establishment. Was there soap in the dispenser for washing hands in the employee bathroom? Am I a little too anal. That is all I could think about. And….that our rural grocery store does not have curb side pick up.


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