#firestarter #busduty #houstonhumidity

I try.  I really, really do!  My goal every morning is to keep my hair out of a ponytail until at least lunchtime.  When I’m feeling especially bold, I aim for the end of the day.  But I am fighting a battle with an enemy that is more powerful than my Chi and my ‘product’.  I have bus duty EVERY morning.  Outside.  In Houston.  My hair cannot compete.

This morning I turned on my Chi.  Five minutes later it was pouring.  Turned that bad boy right back off again.

As I walked outside to duty my hair expanded, curled, reveled in the moisture until it’s other worldly.  Not in a good way.

And this is what I call ‘firestarter’.  I just can’t.    17192659_10212031803101221_5592528661088050353_o


12 thoughts on “#firestarter #busduty #houstonhumidity

  1. The struggle is real. The windy winters and the humid summers in Chicago for me. Add it my wavy hair that maybe gets an hour before it starts to “pouf”. oy vey!


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