Orange is My Lucky Color – Part

Raise your hand if you’re an Orange Theory fanatic!  Raise your hand if you’re wondering if Orange Theory is some kind of poison kool-aid?  Have no fear.  No cult here.  Orange Theory is a gym that focuses on the orange zone of your heart rate with a targeted work out that includes treadmill, rowing, and weights.  During the workout, you wear a heart monitor that tracks your heart rate and you work to get to the orange zone (if you stay in the orange zone for 12 total minutes, you capitalize on the after-burn – burning calories after the workout).

My IC partner convinced me to try it out last November and I caved because I have seen her calves.  After one session I was hooked!  One of the benefits is that you can work out at any Orange Theory location.  Fast forward to January.  Several of us traveled to Ft. Worth for TCTELA and of course I researched OT locations.  Lucky me – there was an OT just a few minutes away!  Normally, I wouldn’t have gone to work out, but I go on the days that I don’t have my kids.  That week I was unable to go because of the kid and travel schedule. So, I definitely wanted to fit in a few sessions while I was there.  I booked a class on Saturday during lunch and headed over after a break out at TCTELA.

Near the end of the class, my heart was in the green zone (the level below your target zone) when I felt a huge THUD heartbeat and my heart began racing.  My heart rate jumped from 78 beats per minute to 205.  Yes.  205.  I stopped working out and sat on the bench.  My heart had done this before (two times after working out pretty hard) and it stopped within 15 minutes.  I took some deep breaths and watched my heart rate on the TV monitor.  It continued racing along at 205.  After 45 minutes, with no sign of stopping, I decided to head to Urgent Care.

The thing about Urgent Care is they freak out.  Fast.  On the EKG machine my heart was crazy and I could see how concerned the doctor was.  She made a call and then things got scary.  They thought I was having a heart attack, called an ambulance, and gave me nitroglycerin and aspirin.  My heart was STILL racing.  The nurse decided to try carotid massage (she basically rubbed my neck) and ten minutes my heart rate dropped to 75.  Not gradually, but instantly.  Then, I felt fine and was ready to go.  However, the doctor did not agree.  Thankfully they canceled the ambulance, but I had to agree to get someone to drive me immediately to the ER.

Y’all.  I am healthy.  I work out.  I eat right.  I am at my target weight.  This does NOT happen to me.

I made a phone call and my amazing coordinator drove straight over (she was at the conference too) and we went to the ER.

When you say Urgent Care sent you and you were having heart issues, there is no wait.  I was triaged, given another EKG, and moved to an observation room within 30 minutes.  At this point, I feel great.  My heart rate is normal and I am ready for a shower.  The ER doctor comes in with that look.  You know.  The one that means you’re not leaving anytime soon. He has consulted with the cardiologist and my troponin (a protein that is present when your heart muscle is injured) levels were elevated and my EKG was still a little off.  I need to be ‘observed’ overnight.  I have stayed in a hospital over night twice.  I have two babies. I do not stay in a hospital.

Part 2 tomorrow!


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